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Handpicked doctors across 25+ specialities offer complete care ensuring a single line of treatment. Patients can opt for in-person consultations with the same doctor for follow-ups and treatment, get Homcare packages for COVID-19 care and ICU-at-home; and even get lab test samples picked up at home for free.

We are currently offering in-person consultations only in Delhi NCR.
Launching in other locations soon.

Handpicked Doctors Across Multiple Specialities

We offer online consultations with experts across 30 specialities. Our select panel of experienced doctors has been chosen from some of the country’s top hospitals.

Consult Online & Follow Up In-Person

Online consultation

Online consultation with option for in-person follow-up consultation and treatment with the same doctor.

Offline Follow-Up

You can now choose to follow-up your online consultation in-person with the same doctor.

24x7 Service

Get round-the-clock access to a General Physician for all emergencies

Family Video Consultation

You can now add a family member or friend to be a part of your online video consultation.

Curer Advantage: Get comprehensive healthcare in one simple app


Curer offers integrated diagnostic services for all your needs with free home sample collections.

Homecare Packages

Get high quality healthcare at home with the best homecare packages including COVID Care, ICU at home and physiotherapy

Dental Aligners

Straighten your teeth and get that perfect smile with hassle free and seamless invisible dental aligners from Curer.

Curer: Smart App, Smart Features

  • Video consultation across 25+ specialities 
  • Select panel of handpicked doctors
  • Multi-way teleconsultation 
  • 24x7 access to a General Physician
  • Offline follow-ups & treatments
  • Integrated Diagnostics with free home sample pickup
  • Homecare services
  • Secure health records


What Our Client’s

Curer made it extremely easy for me to find a trustable cardiologist very near my home.

Rahul Mehta


Using the Curer app from Bangalore, I booked appointment for my father who is Kolkata. He was able to join the apportionment by just clicking on a new link I could share from the app. Very powerful technology.

Amit Singh


Using Curer is like visiting a hospital. I can book appointments, lab tests, get prescriptions, get offers and maintain digital health diary all at one place. Must recommend from mu side.

Naveen Kapoor


Curer is an honest and easy to use, 360 degree service providing holistic healthcare across wellness and preventive, therapeutic and interventional treatments. We value the trust that patients place in us by using our app when they are unwell, and obsess over the quality of care we provide by empaneling only the best doctors who are handpicked by our panel of experts. We also firmly believe that healthcare is a highly personal service and patients value care from doctors who they are familiar with and trust. Our service is built to ensure this personal connect - both via online consultation on the app and via our network of partner hospitals that offer access and care from the very same doctors our patients may have consulted via the app. While we offer customers services across consultation, diagnostics, and home care with ICU-at-home and COVID-19 care; our doctors only recommend what is best for the patients, and are not driven by what makes more revenue for Curer. Doctors are available across 25 specialities including - Covid19 care, Heart (cardiology), Diabetes Care, Thyroid & Hormones (endocrinology),  Mental Wellness, Skin (dermatology),Gynaecology, Child Care, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Immunology, Rheumatology, Critical Care, Pain Clinic, Cancer (oncology), Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Cosmetic Surgery, Oral Care, Homeopathy, Wellness & Preventive Medicine.