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Why curer care?

Say Goodbye to Guesswork - Get an Accurate Diagnosis with Curer

Reputed and truste+panel of specialists/physicians

A panel of specialists and physicians selected after passing strict benchmarks. They collectively create a tailored treatment plan according to your condition.

Transparent pricing

No hidden costs. Consultation charges based on specialty and doctor experience.

Proximity of loved ones

You can have your friends and family members join through video conferencing during both online and off-line consultations.

Centralized and secure medical data

Keep all your medical records in a centralized database that is accessible through your synchronized devices. Uncompromising security and encryption.

Our Services

Multispecialty doctor panel consultation

  • Doctors collectively covering 30+ specialties will diagnose your illness to find the root cause.
  • Chances of erroneous diagnosis are eliminated because of multiple doctors due to removal of bias.
  • Treatment of the root causes instead of symptoms.
  • A wide array of options in terms of approaches to treatment, tackling disease, medication, and rehabilitation.
  • Get a combined consultation for multiple medical conditions – all the specialists you need are available through the app.
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Specialist consultation – online/physical

  • No need to wait for the doctor’s appointment or sit in the waiting room for hours.
  • Online & off-line consultation available for over 30+ specialties.
  • Appointments and bookings for one-on-one physical checkups within the app.
  • Secure consultation with full privacy: manage all your medical records at one place.
  • One-tap consultation with your preferred specialist.
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Instant 24 x 7 doctor consultation

  • Get immediate assistance on a single tap, 24 x 7
  • Consult first, pay later for the 24 x 7 GP facility.
  • Free follow-up consultation within 7 days.
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Diagnostic tests at home

  • X-ray and ECG tests at home.
  • EEG+NCV+EMG+BERA+VEP tests at home.
  • Endoscopy at home.
  • ABG the test at home.
  • Sleep Study at home.
  • Pathology test at home - Choose your preferred pathology lab and book with the best rates from within the app.
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Our specialties

Our panel of doctors go through strenuous scrutiny before they are included in our app. Only the highest rated specialists are included for providing treatment to our patients.

Happy Stories

You will love the way we care for you!

We took services for my wife Rashmi Gupta in the month of May 2021. I would say the doctor was professional and took time to understand our case.

Our experience was excellent and if I needed to rate them - then I would give 10 out of 10 for their services and proper follow-ups they did on a daily basis.

Excellent services and would recommend others to try the Curer app as well.


I am fully satisfied with the services where doctor enquired about my medical history and understood the symptoms. He gave medical treatment and explained the treatment plan with me.

My treatment went well in a timely manner and overall, I am highly satisfied with the services provided to me. Curer team provided prompt support to me.

I would definitely recommend Curer to my friends & family.


I am very satisfied with my physiotherapy session at home from Curer.

I have got tremendous relief from my pain.

Dr. Sachin is very competent. Curer was very professional and prompt with their services.


The service was excellent!
The picture quality can be improved but overall, the service is great and was very helpful.
Curer is providing the best medical services with professional doctors.
Curer takes proper follow-up consultations and truly takes care of their patients.


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How is a condition accurately diagnosed with Curer?

An illness can originate from multiple sources in the body. For correct diagnosis, Curer uses a panel of specialists from various fields of expertise. All the specialists collectively diagnose a patient and then provide a combined consultation and then present the most appropriate treatment plan. The team of panelists considers various aspects to arrive at the right diagnosis. All the diagnostic procedures are carried out at home and only in rare conditions the patient may have to visit one of our partner hospitals. Diagnosis by multiple specialists tremendously reduces the chances of a wrong diagnosis. The number of visits to the hospital are also reduced by almost 80%. Consultation by specialists can be provided via video conferencing or by on-site visits by our specialists.

Are the labs listed within the Curer app NABL certified?

Yes, we ensure that all the pathology labs listed within the Curer app are NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified.

Can I get a consultation in case of an emergency?

There is a standby general physician available for online consultations 24x7. He or she is within your reach at the click of a button. Based on the emergency, we have enabled the features that allow you to receive consultation first and then pay later so that delay is not caused.

How do I know that I get the best specialists for my treatment?

As mentioned above, a team of analysts diagnoses you to get at the root cause of the problem. We have some of the best and the most experienced specialists covering over 30+ specialties. All our specialists, general physicians and nurses go through a rigorous vetting process before they can start providing treatment and other medical services through our Curer app.

How much are the consultation charges through the Curer app?

For correct diagnosis, doctors and specialists of different calibre charge differently. It depends on their experience. Here are the charges:

  • General physician-199/-
  • Specialist with 5 years experience- 499/-
  • Specialist with 5-10 years of experience- 999/-
  • Specialist with 10-15 years of experience- 1499/-
  • Specialists over 15 years of experience- 1999/-
  • International specialist from US/UK- 2999/-
How does my treatment take place through the Curer app once I have been diagnosed with a condition?

The central philosophy at Curer is that you should have to visit a hospital only when it is unavoidable. Hence, we mostly provide online consultations through online doctors.

Are offline consultations available – meeting the doctor or the consultant for physical examination? Yes, but only when absolutely necessary.

A panel of doctors continuously tracks your condition through the Curer app. You (or the person taking your care) are required to input all your vitals on the app every day, every week, or every month, depending on the recommendations made by our specialists. Advanced treatment and care such as ICU care, dialysis care, and physiotherapy (among many others) can be arranged at home. The vital signs are monitored 24 x 7 by the assigned panelists as they receive your updates continuously on their dedicated mobile app. They continuously guide the nurse or the paramedic staff who remains with the patient all the time during the critical days.

Our best effort at Curer is to keep you at home among your familiar surroundings. Sometimes you may require surgery or a procedure for which you may need to visit one of our partner hospitals. In such a case scenario, the patient is kept in the hospital for one or two days and then after setting up everything at home, the patient is brought home. This way the patient recovers faster. We care for you like your family, and we are always there for you till you have recovered.

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